HAPPY HOUR from 4pm-7pm, M-F: $2 off cocktails and draughts

Fall Cocktails:

Boots with the Frrr – 7.00 – A satisfying apple cocktail with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Disarrono and house made Brown Sugar Cinnamon

#73 Sling – Amatitlan Blanco, 43 Liquore, Frapefruit and as hint of Bay Leaf in an unexpected, fizzy cocktail

Hammered & Sickled – Black Pepper Vodka and Sambuca, communize with Coconut and Citrus for a cold war cocktail served up

The Working Girl 7.00 – Gin, orange rosemary syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, Agnostura bitters and soda

Spice Trade – 7.00 – Meyer’s Dark Rum, V.S.O.P. Brandy, Cardamom, Clove and Citrus in a richly spiced, tropical libation

Spiked Coffee:

Black Magick – 7.00 – Taverna Liquore, Triple Sec and Kakao Chocolate in a Hot Coffee topped with whipped cream

Hot Chai Baby – 7.00 – Blue Chait Vanilla Rum sweetens our Hot House-Made Chai for a creamy, cold-weather delight

Køsmonaut – 7.00 – A White Russian launched into space by a Ristretto shot of Espresso

XOXO – 7.00 – Patron XO, Tripple Sec, Cold-Brew Coffee & Cream, served over Ice and topped with Cinnamon

Cha Cha Cha – 7.00 – Rumchata, orange Liquor, Double Espresso

Other Cocktails:

Jalapino Margarita – 7.00 – Azul, triple sec, Hibiscus Syrup, fresh squeezed Lime Juice

Cherokee Sunset – 7.00 – Tequila, house made raspberry syrup, white grapefruit juice


Ham & Gouda or Breakfast (bacon, egg, cheese, and potato) Hand-pies from Goosberries – 4.00

Billy Goat Chips (regular or kicker) – $ 4.00

Daily Featured Sweet Bread (apple, zucchini, pumpkin, peach, of strawberry) – 2.00

Drip or French Press Coffee, Espresso Drinks, and Various Tea Opitoins:

Syrups made in house

Chai made in house

Locally roasted coffee from Art House Coffees

(prices vary)